The Benefits Of A Local Staffing Agency

During rough employment times, one options that many young workers turn to is that of a local staffing agency. It isn’t hard to see why. While it is Image result for local staffing agencypossible to track down open jobs on your own, getting a hold of multiple open positions and getting your resume in front of a hiring desk can be a difficult process and leaves even many experienced potential employees out in the cold.

On the other hand, many companies now use staffing agencies or temp agencies to help with rapid expansion, handling of a particularly busy season, or testing workers out before hiring the best ones as full-time employees. While this might not have been the traditional way of finding a new job, in today’s marketplace many young job seekers are finding there are more opportunities to get their foot in the door by going through a temp agency rather than by going it alone.

This makes the benefits of a local staffing agency obvious not only for potential job seekers but also for the companies looking to expand and hire new people. First of all, hiring in this way is less expensive for the company. They don’t have to cover expenses such as insurance, or retirement funds Image result for retirement funds in the USwhile they get to see which workers will actually step up to their responsibilities and which ones aren’t worth hiring on a full-time basis.

This also saves the company a great deal of money since the temp agency takes care of screening applicants which makes it much easier and less time-consuming for the company’s own HR people to handle the final details and get them fully up and running from day one all allowing the HR people in the company to get more work done on their time on the clock.

A staffing agency will also have access to jobs that many job seekers will not be able to fill on their own. If the hiring is only happening through agencies and individual workers are going to be out in the cold unless they take a chance and get hooked up.

These are just a few of the benefits that exist when going through a local staffing agency. While not everyone will find success going through this route, and is certainly possible to find a job in many areas without one, a staffing agency should not be seen as a step down but as another tool for getting on the right path to the career that you want.