Advice to Working Moms, Who Don’t Have Time to Clean the Kitchen

It is a fact that working moms are very busy and therefore they don’t have much time to attend to several home chores. This is quite understandable. Dividing their limited time on hand between children and various kitchen chores can be very stressful. One of the best thing to do if you are a working mom is hire a kitchen remodeling contractor to redesign the kitchen to make it look neat even without cleaning them regularly.

Image result for organize your kitchenThe kitchen is a very crucial part of a home. This is where meals are prepared and therefore it is important for it to remain clean and free from dirt and bacteria. If you are a working mom and you find that you don’t have time to clean the kitchen, there are some tips that can help you to keep your kitchen clean. Here are some:

Sanitizing the sink – For your information, a kitchen sink that is dirty has been found to contain far too many bacteria as compared to a toilet seat. You may find this hard to believe.  As such, you need to use a disinfectant that is appropriately labeled as EPA-registered. Otherwise, you can even make your own disinfectant. To sanitize your sink, start by cleaning it with soapy water, then spraying a mist of vinegar, and a hydrogen peroxide mist. Allow it to dry. You should spray one after the other rather than mix the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together. In case your sink is made of stainless steel, you can make it shine later by putting a number of drops of mineral oil on a soft fabric and buffing. Apart from deterring mold and keeping the sink looking clean longer, this also prevents water buildup.

Perform Dishwater Duty – To remove stuck-on food or stains, put some soda on a wet sponge and use it to wipe around the machine’s edges once a week. You need to run an empty cycle with a product designed to kill bacteria so as to effectively clean the inside. The dishes will remain safe and sanitized after the rinse cycle is completed.

“Clean as You Go”: It is recommended that you fill your sink with hot, soppy water and place used dishes and pans in the filled sink as you start dinner. This will allow them to soak while you eat. Also, you should not give oils, sauces, or spices time to settle down but ensure that you wipe up any spills right away.

Zap the Sponge – Sponges can make a very good place for bacteria to breed. This is why it is necessary to squeeze it out and place it in the microwave at a high temperature for one minute every night in order to ensure that it is properly disinfected. However, you should replace it once it is worn and smelly.