Value Added Services For Employers

Complimentary Services For The Clients & Friends Of Angus Employement
The following information and reference materials represents a sampling of material made available exclusively to the Clients and Friends of Angus Employment. For more information, contact our office.

Our “Condensed Labour Law Manual” – A condensed version of the Labour Laws of Ontario. Covering a wide range of issues, this valuable reference manual provides you with an easy to understand summary of employment related legislation. Published in a loose-leaf format, we also produce updates as legislation and laws change.

Regular Editions Of The “Recruiter’s Report” – On a frequent basis, we address a wide range of issues that are of interest to anyone who is involved with the hiring & management of staff at any level. With circulation of a few thousand copies sent out regularly, many companies have found it to be a invaluable resource and have told us that they look forward to receiving it.

Regular Editions Of “Available Talent” – Receive our newsletter which profiles various individuals at all levels whom we have recently interviewed and feel they merit your consideration.

Salary Surveys – Salaries within a company are often very discretionary, with little outside input or influence. Yet it does pay to be competitive. We have found that there is a much higher return on investment in keeping a good employee as opposed to replacing them. Therefore, when determining salary ranges ask yourself such things as – How did you arrive at that figure? What are your competitors paying? What is the value of the position to the organization? How much would you have to pay to replace the individual? Angus can help you benchmark salaries at all levels within your company!

Sample Company Policy Manual Template – Every company needs policies and guidelines! Our Sample Policy Manual makes it easy for companies to develop their own customized Company Policy Manual. And in the event that you already have a policy manual, you can compare it to ours to make sure that you haven’t missed anything.

Sample Health & Safety Policy Manual Template – As with the Company Policy Manual, our Health & Safety Manual provides you with a customizable template to use to develop a Health & Safety Manual for your company.

Various Sample Forms – We have different forms available such as Sample Employment Contracts, Non-compete Agreements, Warning Forms, Personal Appearance Policies, etc.

To request any of these, contact our office at 1-888-407-4119 or email us at [email protected]