Tips To Help You Protect Your Hearing

Protecting your ears will help you prevent hearing problems. Avoiding loud noise is often the best way to keep your hearing intact. According to a Denver Audiology, exposing yourself to loud noises for a long period of time can make you lose some hearing. To protect your hearing, you need to know about decibels or dB in short, units used to measure loudness. The higher the dB, the higher the noise level. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), noise levels above 105 decibels can damage your hearing if you endure it for more than 15 minutes every week. That said, here are tips to protect your hearing:

Consider Getting a Baseline Hearing Test
Getting a baseline hearing test is very important as it will help you monitor the progression of hearing loss. This can help your audiologist identify a hearing problem early enough hence helping you prevent hearing loss. In fact, this test should be part of your routine checkup.

Wear Protective Hearing Gear
It is a good idea to wear protective hearing gear like protective earphones or earplugs whenever you are in a noisy Image result for protecting your hearingenvironment. If you are exposed to noise on a regular basis, it is more likely that your audiologist will recommend custom earplugs.

Some of the noisy environments include construction sites, rock concerts, and events with loud performance, train and bus stations, airports, leaf blowing, lawn mowing, hunting or shooting, auto racing and so on.

Keep the Volume of Your Devices at a Comfortable Level
The volume of your devices should never be too loud as this can make you strain to hear. This applies to all electronic devices that produce sound. If you can hear the volume of your device from another part of your house, it is good to reduce it as it is very loud.

If you also have to raise your voice for other people to hear what you are saying, turn down the volume. Turning down the volume of devices is very important as even a small reduction can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting your hearing.

Consider a Hearing Detox
After you have been exposed to loud noise, it is good that you consider giving your ears time to recover. The Action on Hearing Loss recommends at least 16 hours if you spend about 2 hours in 100 decibels sound such as in a club. If you don’t do this, you could end up increasing the risk of permanent deafness. As such it is good to consider a hearing detox to help you protect your hearing.