A Guide To The Different Types Of Security Alarm Systems For Schools

In today’s society, the use of security systems has become increasingly popular not only at a commercial and residential level but also at schools and for personal usage. In previous years, the presence of ‘hall monitors’ and security cameras was sufficient; however, raising levels of violence in schools are demanding different types of alarm systems be introduced. This article will provide information on the various types of security alarm systems for schools.

Image result for A Guide To The Different Types Of Security Alarm Systems For Schools1. Video Surveillance

Arguably one of the most significant aspects of schools security is video surveillance. The reason for this is simple: the use of video surveillance will assist officers in monitoring happenings on school grounds that cannot be tracked by the officer’s physical presence. Using surveillance, it is possible to have a current and past records of all activities in or near the school property.

Of course, the use of video surveillance should not be considered a security system used for external purposes exclusively. The need to view internal activities is as important. By having video surveillance along the school halls and in school classrooms, it is possible to protect children and educators from deviant behaviour; as well as, protecting the school from any potential lawsuits.

2. Access Control

A crucial typ e of security alarm system that should be used in schools is the access control system. This is beneficial as it allows the facility to monitor who will be entering and exiting the school. Access control units can be set up to operate using a pin or password; however, it is also possible for people to use a badge to allow others to enter the building. The access points will be monitored by staff that requires students to first identify themselves, and be searched for weapons, before entering the school. Visitors to the school must also undergo a similar procedure.

3. Intercom Units

One of the traditional security alarm systems used in schools is the use of intercom units between security officers placed at the educational facility. The intercom unit is useful for spreading messages between officers making them crucial in the case of emergencies where one officer requires assistance to handle a potentially threatening situation. Due to schools systems becoming larger, it is difficult to convey messages by word-of-mouth; therefore, the use of an intercom unit is the simplest and most effective measure for officers and teachers to share information in emergencies.