Moving to Texas? Here’s What You Need To Know About The Texas Liquor Law

Why can’t I purchase liquor on Sundays? Why are all the stores closed? Whether you just moved to Texas or spent the previous holidays in the area, you may have noticed that liquor stores were closed – considering that New Year’s and Christmas Days fell on a Sunday. According to a lawyer from Monshaugen & Van Huff, P.C., This is because of the Texas Liquor Law, which prohibits the majority of stores to sell liquor during Sundays.

Image result for some that are allowed to sell beer and wine on Sunday afternoonOriginally, it all started a long time ago when the majority of stores prohibited businesses to sell certain goods during Sundays – which is traditionally, a day that is meant to be spent for resting and Sabbath. Over the years, the rules and certain laws in Texas have changed, and the majority of these bans were lifted in 1985 – except for the restrictions on auto dealers and liquor.

While the blue law hasn’t been lifted, Senator Ellis has already begun introducing the legislation saying that Texas should start lifting the bans, along with 14 other states.

Most locals got used with the Texas Liquor Law, but if you’re planning on moving to Texas, or at least spending a vacation, and while the law on selling liquors during Sundays still hasn’t changed, has here are some things that you may want to take into consideration:

– If you have events planned on Sundays, make sure that you buy liquor on Saturday, or at least a few days before.

– Going out with your friends? Eating out? The current law states that restaurants and stores can sell wine and beer and can offer other alcoholic drinks only on Sunday afternoons. Make sure that you plan drinking out sessions with your buddies in the afternoon onwards.

– If you can’t make it during weekdays, you may find a few stores that are open, but mind you, they might not be selling hard liquor. You may find some that are allowed to sell beer and wine on Sunday afternoon.

While the Texas Liquor Law still hasn’t changed over the past few years, as a consumer, planning and buying spirits ahead of time is the best way around the problem. Some people don’t really want the hassle of lining up during Sunday afternoon.

Bottomline: Shop for spirits on weekdays, if not, Saturdays might be a little bit piled up, but stores are still open and it’s better than finding a closed store on Sunday. Planning ahead is the key, whether you have a small gathering with family, or you have an upcoming big event to celebrate with friends.

What An Employer Has To Do With An Alcoholic Employee

Are you someone that employs people and you want to know what to do if an employee is or becomes an alcoholic? You may not be able to tell that they are until they have worked for you for a while. Here are some ideas on how to handle this from a reputable tabc lawyer.

You need to figure out if the employee is showing up to work drunk. Some people are really good at playing off the fact that they are, and all the while they may be drinking on the job right in front of you. Try to have a face to face talk with them because it’s difficult to mask the scent of alcohol. Look for glassy eyes, trouble staying awake, and behavior that is not normal. If they are especially clumsy, this is another sign.

Anyone that is drunk on the job, you may just want to fire them to get them out of your hair. However, if you have a way to get them some help and can give their job back if they do, you just may save that person’s life. Firing someone does not fix the alcohol issue, and if you care about the person, you may be able to change their life. You can let them know that if they get the help, you’ll work with them again, but if they ever start to drink after that, you’re letting them go for good.

The biggest mistake you can make is just to let people come to work in whatever condition as long as you think the work they do is okay. The problem with this is that if someone were to get hurt because of the person drinking alcohol, and it’s obvious that you knew they showed up drunk often, you could get sued. You have to be able to tell people not to work and if you find out people have been drinking you can’t just let them continue to work because you don’t want to be short staffed out of concern for the safety of everyone.

If you have an employee that is obviously an alcoholic, you need to take action. Getting them help and making sure that they aren’t working in any situation where anyone could get hurt is a very good idea. Use what you learned here, and if anyone shows up to work obviously intoxicated you need to send them home on the spot for safety reasons.