Parking Lot Maintenance Job? Here Is What You Need To Know

Parking lot maintenance should be self explanatory since it is very important that each lot be cleared of any harmful debris. The number one problem of any parking lot is maintaining not only a clean pavement but a safe environment for people to walk around in once they get out of their vehicles.

The parking lot maintenance job description applies to people who are good at paying close attention to detail. In many cases you are dealing with group of highly expensive cars,, buses and other types of vehicles, and it is up to you to keep a watchful eye on all of them.

One of your job descriptions aside from small repairs is make sure the lot is free of debris such as oils and dirt that could cause slippery conditions. This is the quickest way to cause and accident between cars and also hit pedestrians. Slippery surfaces are perhaps the worst part about a parking lot.

As part of your maintenance repairs on parking lots make sure you perform a daily power washing of all the grounds to remove any potential dangerous oil patches. Since may of these garages are located outside you should be aware of what can freeze, sometimes it is best to use other devices or chemicals to remove the excess oil.

Part of your job description includes working outside in the cold weather, bending down, climbing ladders, frequent standing and also running around. You may also have to lift object weighing more that 50 lbs during the course of your job duties. Depending on the equipment available you will have to use your fingers, wrists and hands to operate various machinery and other materials.

Keep in mind that the parking lot maintenance job may require you to work on weekends. You will need a high school education with diploma or equivalent, and addition to that have some type of mechanical experience where you are used to making repairs either at constructions sites or other facilities in a commercial setting.

Most parking lot garages also require you possess a valid CDL license to be able to operate the motor vehicles, as well as having an acceptable driving record. For further details of the job opportunity make sure you inquire within. Since every parking lot is different, there are other requirements that may be necessary.

With good tips and helpful advice anyone with experience can find a parking lot maintenance job.