Finding an Emergency Dentist

Male broken teeth damaged cracked front tooth need emergency dentist to fix and repair. Burlingame Dental Arts Portland

One of the most important numbers you can have on your speed dial is a dentist who offer emergency services. They aren’t always going to be needed, but when they are, you don’t want to find yourself without one. There are multiple issues that can be considered a dental emergency, but most family dental practices have regular 8-5 hours or only one day a week where they run late.

Having a good emergency dentist on hand can be the difference between ending up with a full healthy smile once again or ending up losing a tooth.

Cracked or Broken Tooth

This is the most common reason for needing an emergency dentist. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Biting on a bone or very hard piece of food, especially if you have damaged or weakened teeth. Getting hit in the mouth, having an accident, the reasons are endless but the big need is the same: the ability to get teeth fixed so that you can return to having a top notch smile once again.

If a tooth is broken, you should try to get the broken or injured piece out of your mouth and take it with you to a dentist. Rinse your mouth out with saltwater and put a cold compress on the outside cheek to reduce swelling. The sooner you see a dentist, the better the chances of being able to fix it.

Loosened Teeth

This can happen when participating in sports, because of an accidental hard impact like a car accident or tripping and slamming face first into the ground. While this might not seem as bad as a cracked or broken tooth off the bat, it’s still an extremely important issue. Loose teeth can mean root damage and that often won’t heal by itself. There could be damage you can’t see, and this can lead to eventually losing the tooth or space for an infection and you don’t want to deal with that type of pain.

Make sure to not poke or prod a loose tooth, ice pack the outside, and then see a dentist to see what work needs to be done. Your mouth will thank you.

Lost Adult Teeth

Sometimes you straight out loose a tooth due to a jarring impact, but many times if you get to an emergency dentist fast enough you will have the opportunity to get it fixed without too much hassle but that means getting to that emergency dentist.

Whatever the reason, an emergency dentist is someone you want to have ready to go for when you need them!