Benefits Of Driving Your Own Car To Work Vs Taking A Cab

Many people want to weigh out the options of driving their own car to work versus taking a cab to work. Maryjane, a student of mentioned that there are lot of benefits of driving own car than taking a cab to work, number one reason why she took an online traffic class is she wants to drive her own car than consuming an hour waiting for a cab. While taking a cab can be relaxing, there are still many great benefits to driving your own car to and from work.


It’s more convenient to take your own car to work because you won’t have to wait for a cab to pick you up in the morning or drop you off in the afternoon.

Traffic can easily become snarled and you may find that you’re late to work because your cab was late. You may also find that you have to wait longer than anticipated after work for your ride. Also, there is that moment in every employee’s life when you’re about to leave and something comes up and you have to stay late.


Depending upon where you live, it may actually be less expensive to drive your own car than it is to hire a taxi to take you to and from work. Compare the price of gas to the price of a taxi and consider how many miles per gallon your car gets when you’re driving.


When you or your child is ill all you want is to be able to get yourself home or your child home. If you take your own car this is fairly cut and dried. However, if you take a cab you will have to wait for the cab to come and get you.

You will also have to wait for the cab to take you to your child if he or she is sick. Keep in mind that time may be very vital here, your child may require medical care and you may be waiting for that cab while your child is in need of medical attention.

Early Day

What if you have an early day and get off of work early. Again, you may find yourself waiting for your cab. This can be annoying, especially if you have something fun planned.

Why wait to get going by sitting around waiting for the next available cab? Drive yourself and save time and money.

Lastly, there are always times where you have personality clashes with your cab driver. If you struggle to be a good conversationalist or get along with others, you may wish to consider this as well.